Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has even known for its numerous advantages. It has been known for its ability to insulate properly as well as to seal any leaks. Spray foam is applied on the area you need insulation or sealing because it conforms to the space or shape of the space it is introduced to.

Spray foam has also been known for its versatility. It can help in sealing wall cavities, tics, gaps and cracks, crawl spaces and even roof structure concerns. Through this versatility, spray oak insulation has gain popularity in use in every home. Moreover, due to the benefit it brings in sealing, energy efficient and protection from allergens as well as pollutants has made it more popular.

There are three major types of spray foam insulation and each corresponds to a specific need.

1. High Density

If your home is in need of high amount of insulation as well as any need for added strength to a home’s foundation, a high-density spray foam is used. his spray foam is known to be the densest among the three types. It is the best option for use in roofing and other exterior concerns because of its seamless appearance.

This spray foam also helps in really reducing the cost of energy you are using in your home. More than that, since it is also applied to a roofing system, it makes the roof stronger and more durable not just because of the strength it provides the roof for support but also with the thermal resistance it offers.

The increase in protection it gives when it comes to combating air, water or any moisture issue has provided homeowners home structures that are strengthened and homes that are excellent in infiltration.

2. Medium Density

This spray foam is more focused on a specific type of benefit. It focuses on giving various advantages on a certain climate or on a certain type of building structure.

Just like the other two spray foam insulation types, this type brings forth benefit when it comes to insulation. It is also used in the cavities of a home’s interior wall and can even be applied in a home’s attic.

However, the greatest benefit of medium density is its air, water and sound proof ability. Moreover, if you are looking for the spray insulation type that best provides moisture barrier, this insulation type is for you.

3. Low Density

This spray foam insulation type is more known as open cell foam. This type provides insulation that is continuous and is also a great way to seal any air passage that may be subjected to escape.

This type is often used in walls, ducts, ceilings, crawl spaces and attics. Unlike the other two, this spray foam is relatively soft and can be a bit flexible. However, you can be assured that it provides a good amount of insulation form heat after a curing process. Moreover, it is a good absorber of any noise.

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