Services Offered by Professional Roofers

Roofers can offer its customers a couple of services in general. Most of the services they offer are related to the roof. However, a lot of them also provide extra service for the convenience of their customers. The services will differ. This depends on if the roofer specializes in commercial roofing, residential roofing, or both.

Whether you’re planning to repair, replace, or install shingle or metal roofing Irvine, here are several services offered by roofers:

Commercial Roofers

  • Emergency Services

This is provided for commercial properties to help fix any unexpected damage or leaks.

  • Roof Replacement

Every commercial roof will have to be replaced over time. When replacing a flat commercial roof, you’ve got a couple of options. This includes:

  • Torch Down Roofing – This is one of the strongest roofing materials available in the market. It’s made of durable membrane connected to a think asphalt layer and laid down on flat roofs using a torch’s high heat.
  • Tar Roofing – This is made of a couple of layers of waterproof materials glued together using hot tar and covered with a mineral aggregate layer.
  • EPDM and TPO Roofing – This is a type of roofing that’s made of a rubber roofing membrane. It is mainly utilized on low sloped roofs.
  • Roof Repair

It’s common for a roofer to offer repair services for minor areas of a huge commercial roof. This is particularly true if the problem is isolated. A lot of these problems arise in places where water rests or accumulates. This leads to damage or aging faster compared to other parts of the roof.

  • Roof Maintenance

Since almost every commercial roof is flat, dirt and debris accumulate on the top of the property. Commercial roofers will provide a scheduled maintenance package. This package will include inspection and cleanup of the roof. They’ll examine for any indications of possible problems.

Residential Roofers

Every residential roof isn’t the same. A couple of roofs are flat while some are sloped. It does not matter what type of roof you have. A professional roofer will usually support any of your roofing needs. These services include:

  • Soffit Border, Downspout, and Gutters

These components of your roofing system work to move any rainwater from the roof away from the house. these parts are all considered and vital components of a high-quality roofing ecosystem.

  • Emergency Services

Roofers will be ready to help out with your leaky roof if the unexpected happens. They can also fix any damage caused by a storm.

  • Shingle Replacement

A professional roofer will get rid and dispose of the old shingles if your existing shingles are almost at the end of their lifespan. Then, they’ll install new ones for you.

  • Roof Restoration

This service includes tackling any small problems such as lifting shingles or cracked shingles. They will also clean your roof.

  • Roof Repair

A professional contractor can also fix minor problems on your roof. This can include missing or lifting shingles.

  • Roof Inspection

This service will help find any possible problems with the roof and fix it right away.

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