Be A Prom Representative

and earn money toward your prom expense account at
The Hope Chest

WANTED: Juniors & Seniors who are attending prom this year

Job Requirements:
You are planning on going to prom and will rent your tuxedo from The Hope Chest.

Job Description:
We will provide you with all the personalized promotional materials you need.  As a Prom Rep you
would hand out coupons/flyers & prom dress and/or tuxedo brochures to other students going to
prom, encouraging them to purchase their gown or order their tuxedo from
The Hope Chest. 
When one of your "clients" purchases their prom dress from
The Hope Chest, you earn $10.00
off your dress/tuxedo.  If they order a tuxedo, you earn $5.00 off your prom dress/tuxedo. Should
the amount you earn exceed the rental cost of your tuxedo, we will pay you the difference in cash.

In dollars and cents, here are some examples of how this program works:

Example A: Your tux expenditures=  $150.00
Number of client rebates=6 dresses, 4 tuxes ((6 x $10) + (4 x $5))= -
Final cost of your tux rental=  $70.00

Example B: Your tux expenditures=  $150.00
Number of client rebates=10 dresses, 10 tuxes ((10 x $10) + (10 x $5))= -
Final cost of your tux rental=  $0.00

Example C: Your tux expenditures=  $150.00
Number of client rebates=20 dresses, 20 tuxes ((20 x $10) + (20 x $5))= -
Final cost of your tux rental=  $0.00
Cash back=  $150.00

The amount you earn is all up to you!!

Advantages of being a Prom Rep:
1) You can earn money towards prom and test your skills as a salesperson at the same time.
2) This is a job that does not take away from your school studies.
3) This job does not conflict with your extra curricular activities.
4) No car is needed to get to and from work.
5) You set your own work hours.
6) No previous work or sales experience is necessary.
7) This job does not interfere with the work schedule of other jobs you may have.
8) No uniform or special attire required.
9) You can give us as a reference on future employment applications.


a) Click here to download an application.  Mail it to The Hope Chest, 15255 Central Ave. NE, Ham Lake, MN 55304, fax it to 763-413-8428 or email it to
b) Call us at 763-413-8430.  Or�
c) Stop by our store in Ham Lake (on the SW corner of Hwy. 65 & 153rd Ave.)

Positions are limited at each school, so
Sign up today and start saving money!

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